How would you increase our site’s traffic to 500 unique / day?

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I took a quick look at the data for your niche using the AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Looks like your niche has roughly 15,000 searches per month in the US. If you were to get a 2% CTR for the niche as a whole you are looking at only about 10 clicks per day. Even at 6% CTR you only get to about 30 targeted visitors per day, So Search Engine Marketing alone is not going to get you anywhere near 500 daily visitors.

As always, if the bottom of the marketing funnel is too small then you need to do some work at the top of the funnel to make the bottom grow. You could target the display network and probably get up to 100 targeted daily visitors, and add in Social Media Ads and Video Ads to get the balance of what you are looking for, definitely achievable however it will require a comprehensive marketing strategy to grow interested and aware of your brand.

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