I am so sick of Google Adwords

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Obviously, EPoltrack77 did not read and understand your OP. His questions refer to Search campaigns not Display campaigns that you stated you were running.

I see from this reply that you are using an eBay product page as a lander. This is not advisable.

When selling on eBay, you are paying for traffic generated by eBay, even if you already paid for the traffic yourself that came through your Google Ads campaign. You are also bleeding off a significant amount of that traffic to competitors on eBay, which increases your costs even higher than your competitors on Google Ads, as well as eBay.

While I certainly understand your desire to get more traffic to your eBay store, you are already paying eBay for that traffic. A substantial portion of your selling fees is charged to you for eBay to provide traffic to your listings.

You are competing with Google Ads advertisers that do not have to pay those selling fees. In addition, your competitors on “AdWords” are not bleeding off traffic to competitors on eBay in the way that your paid traffic is forced to do.

Additionally, you do not have the ability to place Google Ads marketing tags on eBay to track conversions, or use remarketing if you are sending traffic straight to an eBay page.

A better option would be to use your own website so you do not bleed expensive paid traffic off to your competitors, and so that you do not have to pay an eBay selling fee that is partially meant to cover the cost of traffic. It could be a simple Landing page built using one of the many Landing Page Builder platforms with a Stripe Payment button. Or, you could set up a WooCommerce store if you want the full features of an eCommerce platform. A very affordable option if you can do it all yourself. Still affordable for most people even if you have to pay an IT person to set it up.

Not only will you reduce your cost of traffic by using a custom landing page, but you will also have an opportunity to implement CRO on your page, and generate valuable marketing data that can be used to improve conversion, marketing strategies, and total profits.

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