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Take a breath, relax!

You spent the past 2 months learning the ropes, you can’t judge your future based on your brief learning phase. You still have plenty to learn so relax, breathe a little, pace yourself. If you can burn out after only 2 months you make easy pickings for your competitors.

First, stop checking your rankings every day, there is no reason for that. Make a personal rule to never check your rankings more than once a week. Monitor your analytics or server logs daily, not your rankings.

Second, get a spell check and grammar checking tool. Your website has spelling and grammatical errors which could trigger low-quality content ranking issues. Write in an active voice, I see a tendency towards passive voice style in your content.

Next, study your top competitors and ask yourself what do they offer that makes their web page more valuable to users. Try to improve on what they do best and make a website that truly deserves higher rankings. Add links to valuable, relevant resources for your users.

Check your analytics software to see which keywords are bringing you traffic and start building backlinks with anchors using those same keywords. Go for the easy traffic first and build your strength before trying to tackle the more competitive keywords for your niche.

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