Is Backlinking to a 301 Redirect page bad?

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ARVolund is correct, you are not creating deep links. Google will index the final landing page and totally ignore the destination URL.

The fact that you think that it might be beneficial indicates that you have no idea how deep links actually benefit you. It’s the content contained within your deep pages that benefit from your backlinks. Those additional pages that rank for additional keywords have the potential to bring traffic from searches that your home page is not optimized for.

For most folks, the objective of SEO is to get more targeted traffic to your website. By deep-linking, you are able to easily target many more keywords than is practical for a single page. The more keywords you rank for, the more traffic you will receive.

It’s far better to have hundreds of pages each ranking for two or three different keywords that are closely related to your niche. Rather than just a handful of keywords for a single page. Each of your ranking pages can then link to your money page with relevant anchor text. Anchor text from internal pages can be just as effective as links from external pages at influencing your pages relevancy score if those pages have PR.

Your home page will be highly relevant for a handful of terms. By creating additional pages with content optimized for other keywords you can increase the total search engine traffic to your website. You can also increase the PR of your home page by building the PR of your deeper pages which link back to your home page.

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