Is FL tone deaf?

It’s not just the tools hitbox that is so disconcerting, it is the top bar fullscreen modal masking that literally makes the area users are aiming to move their mouse to completely blacked out. It is a bit like trying to walk through a brightly lit room, full of obstacles, while someone suddenly turns the lights out on you to trip you up. This is incredibly annoying at first, and completely maddening after the hundredth time.

While I can see how this would be favorable to admins that are performing admin tasks, this so-called “modern view” is very user-unfriendly for members that are trying to participate in discussions.

I for one am not bothered by lack of advance notice. I also welcome change whenever it improves the experience or has a business justification. I don’t think those things annoy most of us. It is the breaking of usability that seems to take many, many months to be addressed that I think annoys most of us.

That’s just my opinion, let’s hear from others what they think.

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