Is my website banned from Google?

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[I have the (Facebook best status) WordPress blog to make some SEO tests and especially to see how much important are the keywords of the domain. The results were pretty good, less than 3 weeks, I was at first page from Google with Facebook best status keywords. Also, the keywords best facebook status is most often searched at Google and I begun to put backlinks (9-10 not more) at DoFollow sites with best Facebook status for anchor text. In 2 weeks from the 9th page at google, I ranked second. Every day I had 80-90 unique visitors only from Facebook’s best status and best facebook status keywords. Now there is a problem… site disappeared and when I’m searching my site via these keywords I don’t see it. I see my site at results only if I search for the completed name of my site (]

You’ve been selected to learn the secret of your ranking decline. To win, all you have to do is comprehend the following paragraph:

Relax, you have not suffered a penalty of any kind. Instead, your ranking was temporarily boosted by QDF (Query Deserves Freshness), which is a temporary boost in rankings for new content. Once this temporary boost wears off, your page will sink to it’s currently earned a position in SERPs.

Now it’s time to go out and promote your pages with solid promotional efforts and earn those higher rankings.

The time it takes to wear off seems to vary a bit based on the competitiveness of the keyword. It seems to wear off gradually, so it may last for weeks on less competitive terms and only days for highly competitive terms.

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