Is PPC really that complicated?

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[Do I need to take a course or is it as simple as it seems?

1. Find niche & targeted keywords w/reasonable competition, volume & CPC. (easy)
2. Design good ads (easy)
3. Split test (easy)
4. Design good landing page w/free info and a contact form (relatively easy)
5. Sell targeted leads to businesses (easy if you find a business that can convert)

Am I missing anything or does this seem like a reasonable business plan?]

PPC marketing appears deceptively simple on the surface. You have listed some of the basics, and I emphasize some, but the execution of those simple ideas can vary a great deal and if you are not following sound principles you will not see the success that others are achieving.

A very important concept to understand is that PPC advertising platforms are auction-based, meaning that you are competing with other marketers including many with advanced skills and knowledge. If you go skipping into the market with the notion that this is “so simple”, it will be messier than a 60-pound 10-year girl being gang tackled by the defensive front line of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pro football team. I cringe to think of it. 

The game of marketing is competitive, you better bring your A-game or expect to get tackled hard.

YouTube – Guy tackles Girl

It looks so simple in theory, just run the ball down the field, right? 

YouTube – Best Football Tackles ever
YouTube – Painfull Football Hits

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