Is this a Google slap? I can’t tell.

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The term “Google slap” was coined to describe an AdWords account that had a substantial number of Quality Scores for lowered, effectively disabling their campaign. The term has nothing to do with organic rankings, though that doesn’t stop those with little knowledge from using the term erroneously.

I believe Michaels nailed it. You are describing the typical result you should expect from the effect of QDF. You have likely done nothing wrong and your pages are ranked right where they deserve to be ranked based on your SEO efforts so far.

  • “Google slap” refers to AdWords Quality Scores.
  • PDF (Query Deserves Freshness) refers to boosted search engine rankings for new pages.

Even though you believe it has no backlinks, that is probably not the case. What you mean is that it has no backlinks from external websites. Links from internal pages are backlinks as well, and PageRank flows through them in the exact same way it flows from external backlinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are prominently linking to the About page from your homepage, you are, right?

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