It’s Official: Google+ the fastest growing site in history!

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[I still haven’t got an invite yet! (I just got an invite from a fellow Warrior, thanks.) I’m drooling over the advertising possibilities this presents and the possibilities for promoting a website. Do you think AdWords for Google Plus is a possibility?]

It only 1 month old and in limited testing. If they allow too many new users at once they will crash their servers. I’m sure they need time to ramp up and are probably busy as hell trying to keep up with provisioning new servers to take on the daily increase in usage.

This is the fastest growth in history with invitation only. Imagine what it would be like if they made it wide open to the public. Going from zero to 100 million new users in a month is probably more than Google could handle.

I agree a lot of folks are excited about Google’s new social network.

By the way, it is called “Google Plus” or “Google+”, not “+1”. The Google +1 button is a separate feature of search is integrated with your Google Profile.

The top user is none other than Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder).

source: Google+ Statistics on

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