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Unless there are serious issues with your landing page it isn’t likely to affect your Quality Score that much. Relative CTR is the primary factor that affects your Quality Score.

Based on the little bit of information you provided it sounds like you have not been running the campaign for long, there was no mention of how many days or how many impressions you are getting. 

When you create a new ad group in AdWords you get a default Quality Score of 6/10 on all of your keywords. Then, based on your relative CTR, you will see your Quality Score begin to be adjusted. 

Until recently it took a while for the first QS adjustment to take place, but recently I have seen very quick adjustments on new keywords with very few impressions. It seems that if you have keywords with relatively low impressions, based on ad positions, that AdWords will lower your QS even when you have 100% CTR. I’m not sure what they changed, but your relative ad position and/or total clicks seems to be part of the equation now. 

It could be an issue of an IA based QS algorithm that doesn’t know how to asses QS on low impression volume so it just sets it much lower until enough data has been gathered to make a more reliable estimate of ongoing CTR. because I am seeing wild swings in the QS, even for exact match keywords, it looks very much like an issue typical of IA algorithms that have way too little data to make good decisions. 

I’m hoping that it is an issue that will self-correct after more data is gathered. But somewhat disturbing to see 50% – 100% CTR getting adjusted downward which has happened recently. I had to adjust max bids, in one case to over $25 just to get impressions rolling and did see the QS improve once impressions went up. Funny thing is that CTR declined from 100% to 50% and then down to 15% during that period yet the QS kept going up as the number of impressions increased.

For now, I’m assuming it is an issue related to low impression volume but will be testing it more thoroughly over the coming weeks.

As for your landing page, it seems way too impersonal to me. You need to reveal a little bit more about the person or persons that are conducting the Webinar, People don’t buy from people, not websites. And yes, I meant to say “buy”, because even though you claim to not be selling a product or service, and the webinar is free, you are still selling them on registering and investing their time, so you are still selling something that your audience must buy with their time.

Your landing page, in its current form, seems dangerously close to violating AdWords policy on transparency or unclear content. It needs to be clear exactly what your business model is or you might end up with a website suspension notice from Google’s website quality review team. Ad approval is not a safe indicator that your website will pass a closer inspection by the review team that takes a closer look at your business model.

This link provides insight on what AdWords wants to see on your landing pages:

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