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[I know a guy that makes 3000.00 a month from Adsense. He spends 1000 a month to promote his site so he profits 2000. Is this possible? He said it’s just how he promotes and it’s not black hot. But I have seen his impressions and its 6000 a day with 500 clicks. It’s always something close to this. How does he do it? Does anyone know of a promotion company that can supply traffic and clicks?]

Based on his other thread started here: http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-…per-click.html

It looks as if he’s talking about a paid-to-click service for scamming advertisers on AdSense.

If that’s what you are looking for, be careful. One of the scams going around now is training and services that propose to help you make money with AdSense, but all you end up with is a lifetime ban. Google never pays out for those fake clicks even if it looks like your account is earning money.

I’m not saying that this is definitely a scam, only that it looks identical to a common scam. It could be genuine, but really… who’s going to sell you something for less than it currently earns on a monthly basis? They would have to be stupid to give it away for that price, so in all likeliness, it is a scam.

It is so easy to make such claims and produce information that seems to validate, but when you look closer you will see that it is all a facade.

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