Marketing Videos For Your Business

  • Engage Your Prospects with Compelling Video
  • Get Ahead Of The Competition with The Use of Storytelling
  • Increase Brand Awareness & Built Trust with Your Customers
Video Editing

More than any other form of media, high-end produced video with appealing editing effects is proven to be the most effective and engaging way to keep your audience’s attention, tell a story, build connections and reach customers on a much higher level.

By partnering with Don Burk’s Advertising & Marketing, let’s use video to give a face and voice to your brand, and deliver the message to your audience in the most compelling and efficient way.

What You’ll Get In Video Production & Editing Service

You’ll have more time to run your business, do what you love, and spend more time with your family since dedicated professionals will now produce and deliver a great storytelling message to your prospects that increase your brand awareness and boost conversion with video marketing.


People engage with a video that has a story rather than just a piece of information about your company’s product and service. That’s why we use storytelling in every video we will make for your business to stand out from the competition.

Multiple Video Production

Wave Goodbye to Traditional Expensive One-time Fee for just a single video that you can use once & Enjoy Multiple Video Production whenever your business needs it.

Targeted Video Campaigns

Reaching the right prospect for your business using targeted video marketing to save money while assuring a positive return on investment.

Video Editing

The magic of a video happens in the editing process. As an experienced producer, we will turn the video into a fascinating story that effectively communicates your main themes and business objectives.

Brand Awareness

Customers buy from a business that has built a relationship with them and earned their trust. Increase brand awareness by earning your clients' trust and credibility by enticing them to click and watch the video from start to finish.

Analytics Performance Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring the performance of your video campaigns to ensure that your business is generating leads and reaching more prospects is being met.

Personalized Video Exclusive For Your Business

We will produce personalized videos, and formulate custom strategy campaigns to achieve your business’s stated marketing goals and objectives.

Marketing Videos For Your Business Packages

Crafting the right video, that connects with your ideal customer.


$ 299 Per Month
  • Total of 4 Videos
  • Once a Week
  • Up to 15 seconds
  • 1 Round of Revisions
  • Scriptwriting
  • Licensed Commercial Music
  • Monthly Performance Report


$ 499 Per Month
  • Total of 8 Videos
  • Up to 30 seconds
  • 2 Round of Revisions
  • Scriptwriting
  • Licensed Commercial Music
  • Voice Over
  • Monthly Performance Report


$ 999 Per Month
  • Total of 12 Videos
  • Up to 60 seconds
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • Scriptwriting
  • Licensed Commercial Music
  • Voice Over
  • Monthly Performance Report

Here Are Some Of The Work That Inspires Smiles & Sells

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