Microsoft Just Acquired LinkedIn. What does it mean for Internet Market(eres)ing?

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Based on past experience with Microsoft, I predict that in the near future you will need a Microsoft account to login to LinkedIn (just like Skype), and that everyone that already has a Microsoft account will automatically get a new LinkedIn account, based on their current account, whether they want one or not (just like they did with Skype and And that like all of these “socially” spread virus apps it will automatically hack into and steal all of your contacts in Outlook so that the virus can spread to all of your friends and business acquaintances.

Microsoft will likely “gleefully” announce this new socially spread virus activity is a “feature” of the Microsoft/Outlook/LinkedIn platform. And despite all attempts to contain this “socially” spread virus, the business community at large will eventually succumb to this infection, whether they like it or not, and it will be hailed as the “Facebook” of the business world. 

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. From this time forward you will service us. Your business culture will adapt to serve Microsoft/Windows/Word/Excel/Outlook/Bing/Visio/Skype/LinkedIn.

We are The Borg – YouTube

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