Multiple Domains Pointing to One Site?

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[I have a website that I am targeting a number of keywords for, let’s just say the website is, and the keywords I am targeting are keywords, keyword sub, keywords. All is going well and SEO isn’t doing too bad for However. I want to dominate this market. so I have been able to acquire the domains for my keywords. ( & What is the best strategy to use for these domains? Should I have them resolve to and drive traffic to the sites, or would it be better to make each of the individual domains a site in themselves with say RSS feeds or something back to the]

Definitely make separate sites! Pointing those domains at the same site would just be creating an undesirable canonical issue.

One man’s “big guns” is another man’s basics. 

YouTube – Canonical Link Element

SEO advice: url canonicalization
Canonicalization – Webmaster Tools Help

When all of those domains are pointed at the same website aren’t you creating multiple URLs that point to the same document, and isn’t that the precise definition of canonicalization? Same website, same document, different URLs => Canonicalization. If I got this wrong then please accept my apologies.

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