My site is banned

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You have no content that adds value or that users would find useful. I don’t understand why you would think Google would want to index a bunch of pages that seem to exist for no other purpose than to display advertisements.

I think you may have your priorities backward. First, build useful content that adds value, build traffic, then monetize with ads.

Also, I would advise staying away from some of the topics that you have in your navigational menu. Google doesn’t like to see advertisements on topics like death, or the imminent threat of death from a terminal disease. It’s considered bad taste. Stay away from health-related issues unless you have some bonafide credentials in that area.

Because your website has been de-indexed, you will be under intense scrutiny during reconsideration. You have a higher standard than you must meet to be approved for re-indexing. They are not going to re-index your website if you are showing the least amount of effort you can get away with to clean up the website. Don’t just remove the offending content, replace it with quality content that is useful and adds value.

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