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A 60% bounce rate isn’t necessarily bad, nor good. It is just a statistic, a clue as to what is happening on your web page. In most cases, your goal should not be to improve the bounce rate but to improve conversion rates.

Bounce rates are useful to inform you of where people are leaving your website. Your bounce rate for each visit to your website is always 100%, as every visitor leaves your website at some point in time. Bounce rates tell you the rate people leave your website from a particular page, but not why.

First, seek to understand why users leave without converting, bounce rates can inform you of which pages they most often leave your website from, but not why, or whether the desired outcome was achieved prior to leaving.

I took a quick glance at your website and noticed dozens of landing page design issues that will tend to lower conversions. The good news is that you have a lot of things that can be tweaked to improve conversions. I will list some that immediately jumped out at me.

  • Banner Slider – The use of large banners at the top of the page often lowers conversions and on average sliding banners tend to lower conversions even more.
  • Banner Not Clickable – The most prominent element on your page, the sliding banner, is not clickable.
  • Poor Quality Graphics – Low resolution, and low contrasting colors make the Banner images difficult to read.
  • Headline – Welcome to [My Company] is a very weak headline.
  • No Clear Objective – Equally weighted objectives often lead to conversion killing anxiety.
  • Font Color – Medium grey on white is difficult to read.
  • Sales Copy – Bland, boring sales copy that focuses on yourself instead of the interest of your visitors.

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