Need Honest Critique For My New Landing page!!

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Since you have posted your thread in the Conversion Rate Optimization forum, I think it fair to ask if you have tried CRO?

CRO is not asking for people to critique your website design or content. CRO is a process that involves testing, and discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to make better decisions It would be more appropriate to post this in the Website Design Forum or in the Copywriting Forum. You should reserve this forum for questions and comments about CRO.

So again I ask, what efforts if any have you made towards optimizing conversions using CRO best practices? Have you tried different channels of traffic generation? It could be a matter of poor targeting of your traffic sources. Of course, every effort should be taken to optimize your website content as well.

What if anything have you tested? Are you using A/B split testing to learn which value propositions, headlines, CTA’s your targeted audience engages with?

CRO involves analyzing data from your marketing experiments. Have you set up any experiments? What were the results? How did you segment your data? The answer to your question of “why your audience isn’t converting?” is in your data, and while you might get some benefits from a critique of your website, you’ll never know how much if you are not testing and analyzing the results.

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