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I just spotted this thread, sorry I didn’t see it sooner, I may have been able to save you some time.

It took me about 1 second to spot why your landing page was disapproved. The AdWords landing page will not approve websites with unrealistic, or unreasonable claims, or claims that lack credibility. Please see AdWords User Safety Policy page: User safety – Advertising Policies Help

Read that policy and then ask yourself how the AdWords LP reviewer is going to view your page headline. Even if that claim is true, you will need to cite a credible 3rd party to back it up.

In addition, Arnold Palmer is a registered trademark (see and your landing page may get you in legal hot water for trying to trade on that registered trademark. This page explains the AdWords policy on Trademarks: Trademarks: AdWords and AdSense – Advertising Policies Help

Also, your use of the Arnold Palmer name on your landing page might be viewed as an implied affiliation. See the AdWords Policy on implied affiliation: Implied affiliation – Advertising Policies Help

Those are a few things that I spotted with a quick glance at your landing page. I would fix those, then go through the entire website and check for any other potential policy violations, correct them and submit the page for reconsideration at the link provided in the disapproval message you received.

As long as you show the AdWords review team that you are making a serious effort to read, understand and comply with the policies, they will help you out with specific issues that you may have overlooked.

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