PageRank 1 Within A Month?

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[How it possible to have page rank 1 within a month on a brand new domain? I don’t know how guys, but it happened to me! Today I’m checking my websites ranks with Market Samurai (5 brand new one month websites) and guess what? one of them is page rank 1, I was like WTF? I thought there was some bug in MS then I went to couple “check page rank” websites, and I saw the same, PR1.]

Real Pagerank is updated in near real-time. It is only the Toolbar data that gets exported every few months. Sometimes Google doesn’t download toolbar data for a long time (6+ months) and sometimes they download after one month. They don’t have a strict schedule of toolbar data exports.

It is not unusual for a new website to earn PR after only a few days of being indexed, provided they have some decent backlinks pointing to them. There is no mystery here or anything out of the ordinary that I can see. Were you expecting something else?

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PR is derived from backlinks, not content.

PR is updated every day many times a day. It is only the toolbar data that gets periodically updated.

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