Panda Hangover – Why Things Are Going Well This End!

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1. Trust me, you don’t need a spinning tool to create “JIBBERISH”. It has nothing to do with whether you spin, or not. That’s is just a myth. You cannot tell a well crafted spun article from a manually written article. It’s not the tool, it’s how you use it. Spin responsibly and you get better results, not worse.

2. I haven’t seen any indication that longer content has fared better under Panda. There isn’t even a correlation that I have seen.

3. The websites that I haven’t updated in years have risen to top spots after the Panda Update. Again I see no correlation in your assertion.

4. sound advice.

5. This advice seems to contradict your point number 2. I agree quality is important, but I see no reason you should limit the quantity of your high quality. I would recommend that you not choose one over the other, choose both as the best option.

6. I strongly agree with this advice, don’t spam, it never lasts anyway.

Yes, the Internet is always changing, but the core principles of SEO have remained unchanged. Useful relevant content is always the key ingredient.

As they say, content is king!

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