Panda slapped me silly.

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[I have 6 sites that were bringing me a good income on Adsense for over 2 years. Up and till yesterday of course. Every single site I own, including ones that were not Adsense based got slapped into oblivion. I was untouched during the first panda update, and I finally got manhandled on panda 2.1. On 2.1 it wasn’t so bad, I lost about 40 percent of my earnings and positions dropped rather than pages dropped. As of 23 June 2011, I woke up to find every single one of my sites had been molested by those on google. No message in webmaster tools, nothing at all. From earning over $400 daily to $3 a day all in the space of 3 months I feel like giving up on my dreams. Yes, I hate to admit it, but it feels like I’m fighting a battle I can never win. When I was hit on 2.1 I revamped everything. I spent over $5000 on content, fixed every issue as many have said. no index, 301s, SEO, whitehat backlinks, etc, etc, etc.]

Please allow me to share some information that may help you going forward.

There are two ways that the new Panda updates could affect your rankings.

  1. Panda was designed to employ some new algorithmic methods of recognizing low-quality content. If your writing style employs phraseology that triggers low-quality scores then your pages will rank lower in SERPs. Try to look at your content from a linguistic angle to determine if your phraseology is at fault.
  2. If you have been linking building from pages that are scored as low-quality pages then backlinks that were formerly helping your rankings have been devalued and your own content, which could be excellent quality, is now suffering from a lack of high-quality backlinks. Try to update content that you control on backlinks you have previously placed and/or take care to add useful and valuable content with high-quality phraseology to pages where you place your future backlinks.

I have noticed that many folks have neglected to consider that their rankings declines could be from either or both of those reasons.

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