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[So my questions are: 1) PPC – I have set-up a campaign before with not brilliant results, I mean I couldn’t get google to send paid traffic my way, so is there a good, not too expensive way to outsource this? 2) Advertising – Am looking for female heavy sites, any idea best places you can pay for advertising? 3) Any other SPECIFIC ideas to market and get traffic (Please don’t answer generically if you reply with things like two words ‘article marketing’ be better value if you suggested best places to submit articles, places to outsource this process, etc.)]

If you are going to do PPC advertising, you need to understand there is a steep learning curve required to get up to a competitive level. PPC advertising is an auction bidding system, so in addition to general marketing skills, you will also need to learn advanced bidding strategies. An important thing to keep in mind is that PPC advertising is competitive in nature.

One of the best things about PPC advertising is that there are so many things that are controllable and nearly infinite possibilities in strategies and tactics. One of the worst things about PPC advertising is the nearly infinite possible strategies and tactics that your competitors can wage against you in their campaigns.

You can almost always develop a profitable campaign if you test and adapt to the market, there are always a few keywords that your competitors are not paying close enough attention to, there are bidding strategies that will frustrate and send competitors packing. All you need is a viable offering, a reasonable strategy, and the perseverance to micromanage the campaigns.

Don’t expect to jump into PPC advertising and be instantly successful. You might become an instant success, but in many cases, you are up against folks with a lot more skills, knowledge and practical experience. Take your time, learn the system and develop your skills and knowledge based on accumulated experience.

PPC campaigns need to be actively managed, a set and forget approach cedes a lot of profits into the competition. If you yield too much profit to your competitors, some may use that extra profit to squeeze you completely out of the market.

If you are not willing to devote a substantial amount of time to your PPC campaigns, then you better hire a PPC manager, or outsource it, or don’t bother to get into it.

You can use PPC advertising for general traffic generation. In fact, it is a great way to launch a new website that has a lot of great content. It gets quick exposure with extremely targeted traffic, which can be great for earning natural backlinks, the kind search engines like to see.

To find websites based on demographics, I like to use Quantcast.

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