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My first impression was wow… this site takes a long to load. Just to make sure it wasn’t something on my end that was causing the slow loading pages I tested it using the Pingdom Website Speed Test, it took 8.1 seconds for the homepage to load. That is way too slow for an eCommerce website if you want to be competitive. Slow loading pages are a proven conversion killer.

Some basic page load speed optimization efforts should pay off tremendously. You might consider using a CDN service to help out with that.

I like the design, except for one thing. The page header takes up about 1/4 of the screen space just for the logo, and navbar. That is a huge waste of space and forces users to scroll down to get to the primary content. Again, that design will cost you conversions at the margins. Consider changing the design of the header so that it takes much less screen real-estate.

Also, I noticed that the category pages include the product names, however, those keyword-rich names are not hot-linked. If you can, make those keyword-rich product names clickable so that you can harvest the SEO benefit of proper internal link structure.

Finally, the biggest error I see is that you have a web store that caters to mobile device users, yet you did not choose to build the website using Responsive Web Design principles. I don’t get that decision, were you not expecting traffic from mobile devices on a web store that sells accessories for mobile devices? :confused:

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