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Since you posted in the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) forum I have to ask, “Have you tried CRO yet?”

Asking for opinions about your website design, or copywriting content is not CRO. Opinions are guesses. CRO is all about gathering data and making data-informed decisions.

The first step is to install the tracking code for analytical software if you haven’t already done so. Google Analytics is free and easy to install, but any decent analytics software will do.

Next, send targeted traffic to your website and measure engagement behavior. Segment your analytics data to identify traffic sources and page elements that might need improvement. Brainstorm to get alternative ideas to fix trouble spots identified in your analytical data.

Using the problem-solving ideas in the previous step, create alternate versions of your web page with the idea of testing the change, and measuring the result to see if you improved or fixed a problem. Set up an A/B split test using GA Content Experiments, or similar, to gather data on your changes. If you get a significant improvement make that your new baseline and continue the process of testing and improving.

Asking people to guess what is wrong with your website without seeing any data is just that, guessing. It is very likely that you will get advice to fix things that are not broke and for real problems to go completely unnoticed. You are likely to end up with worse performance following the advice of people who are just guessing.

Sure there may be some good advice coming from the people guessing about your website issues, you just won’t know which advice is good, and certainly not which advice is most relevant to your specific issues. For that, you need to look at what your data is telling you.

The best advice I can give you is to stop asking for opinions based on guessing and start gathering data. Making data-informed decisions is way better than guessing. It will save you time and money.

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