PPC Guidance Please

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Truth is, most affiliate marketers are folks looking for shortcuts and it seems many rarely bother to even read AdWords policies, and when their websites or ads are disapproved they often do nothing to fix them and end up getting booted from the AdWords program. That is perhaps the main reason you see so many affiliate folks resorting to Bing, they are often refugees from the AdWords program hoping for a second life at the much smaller Bing Ads network.

If you are consulting with someone that will not read and follow rules, you might be better off letting them start out on Bing, then after they get booted from Bing they might wise up and make a serious effort on the next platform. Once you see that they are serious about following the rules of the ad platforms, then, and only then you should be safe to move to the AdWords platform. The strategy being to let them make mistakes the unrecoverable mistakes on the smaller platforms so that the biggest ad platform is still available to them once they have the hang of policy compliance.

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