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It seems to me that you need to rethink how you are evaluating PPC programs. A $1.00 click on Google can often be worth that same as a $15.00 click on another platform. It’s how much value per click that determines if a click cost is too high, or not. Without the other side of that equation, you cannot evaluate the viability of click costs.

In the end, it is the profitability of the click that is what matters. If a click has a $20 value per click then A $10 CPC is still very profitable. You mustn’t judge the CPC without knowing the VPC.

Value Per Click – Cost Per Click = Profit Per Click

Profit per click is your yardstick, get it?

And a budget of $100 per day is not too little to start, I often start a new campaign with a budget as low as $30 per day and then go up from there.

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