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It took only a few seconds to see the main problem with your Landing page. If you were going for a perfect example of the #1 conversion killer, you nailed it.

What’s this #1 conversion killer I’m referring to?

Lack of clarity!

Take a look at your page, there is not a single word that tells users what you are selling. Just a vague reference to a solution for dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eyes. Who would want dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eyes anyway?

Oh… wait…

you’re not offering a solution to get those things?

You are offering a solution to get rid of them?

Well, why didn’t you tell folks it’s a solution to get rid of those unwanted things. It would have taken just an extra word or two to make it clear that it is to get “rid” of “unwanted” dark circles.

Nowhere in your copy is it made clear which type of solution is offered, it seems that you are assuming, that your visitors would just assume that it is prevented, not a provider, of dark circles. Heck, I could potentially infer that you are selling makeup or even art supplies for sketch artists that want to draw dark circles under the eyes of subjects in their sketches.

The point is that nothing is made explicit, nothing is specifically expressed, not even the “solution” is clear what it solves. Is it helping you get dark circles, or help get rid of dark circles? Why make people guess? Was that intentional?

Even if you made it clear what the “solution” solves, your audience still has no clue as to what you are offering. Is it a pamphlet? makeup? facial creme? vitamins? herbs? a special diet? a sleeping mask? a visit to a beauty spa?

Ambiguity leads to indecision, indecision prevents action. Your landing page is the perfect example of a conversion killing landing page.

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