Private Blog Network: Reseller Hosting or VPS?

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I wouldn’t worry about IP addresses, they have nothing to do with SEO, that is just a fairy tale made up by hosting companies to sell you something you don’t need.

According to Google’s published white papers on PageRank, IP addresses play no role in ranking pages, there is no reason for Google to pay any attention to IP addresses as a ranking factor, the PageRank algorithm works just fine without considering them.

You can place all your blogs on the same IP and they will work just as well for SEO as a network on separate IPs.

The original PageRank algorithm was sufficient to nullify all but massive spam networks, and Google has no problem identifying massive spam networks. If your network is on a single IP, no matter how massive, and it contains valuable quality content, it will be treated identically to content on separate IPs. Google wants to serve relevant and valuable results to its users regardless of who created it and how many different or same IP addresses are serving that content.

You can create all the separate IPs you want, they do you absolutely no good if you are not linking them to your other pages, and as soon as you do, Google sees that as part of your link network. Using separate IPs is a zero net gain.

The main point of my assertion is that separate IPs do not hide your network. Backlink mapping is Google’s core technology and they already know of your link networks, without looking at IPs. It is just silly, in my opinion, to think that Google would ever need to see your IP addresses to identify an affiliate network. You seem to know so little about Google.

There are many examples of networking sites that cross-link to each other extensively, all while using the same IP address and never suffering as a result. I have never seen evidence that supports your assertion, just wild speculation. If you have anything, but “hearsay”, that you can offer, I’d love to see it.

It thinks it is obvious to much-experienced SEO’s which one of us is wrong so often. You can keep thinking it isn’t you if it helps to protect your fragile ego. 

 If it is me that is wrong, why must you always come back with straw man arguments? Hit me with some credible facts, ones that actually address my assertions, rather than your made-up staw man bait. I am frequently wrong and welcome the opportunity to be schooled, you just keep coming up short though and it must be maddening to you. 

Really, why not just present your side and cite anything credible that supports your assertion and leave it at that. You seem to want to take this to a personal level. If I embarrassed you or somehow hurt your feelings, I am sorry, that was never my intention. Grow some thick skin and get over it!

Google’s core competency. In fact, as I heard it told, the very reason Sergey Brin built the Backrub project was he wanted to know just that. He was curious to know how each backlink was affiliated with a website. Once he built his crawler and developed the PageRank algorithm with Page they realized that the information from their backlink project could substantially improve search engine technology and thus Google was born.

Sergey could spot your network back in the early days of his college project before he ever came up with the idea of creating a new search engine. Using different IPs didn’t hide any affiliation from him back then, and it never will.

I am sticking to my point. Why would Google care about the ownership of the website, Their users only care if the web page contains relevant and useful content, not webspam? If Google can map your backlinks they can easily find all your web spam, regardless of which IP you used, or what owner information is associated with that webspam.

Do you seriously think that they will view webspam as ok as long as it is a different owner? Please, don’t tell me you think that. Or, just as ridiculous, they would seek to devalue quality content or links just because there happens to be an ownership affiliation?

I believe Google goes after web spam just as vigorously when the owners are different, or the IPs are different. And I believe they value quality content equally for content from the same owner as separate owners. It is in their best interest to do that and there are plenty of well-known examples, yet I have never seen a shred of “credible” evidence to support your assertion. Do you have any?

Google has stated on numerous occasions that it is perfectly fine to crosslink your pages from separate sites as long as it makes sense to do so from your user’s point of view.

It is only when your crosslinks are essentially web spam that they have a problem.

They have also said they have no problem with you buying links as long as it isn’t done for the purpose of manipulating PageRank.

There are many well-known examples of this cross-linking with no ill effect even when the ownership affiliation is clearly revealed and the separate websites share the same IP address. Google has no problem with relevant and useful links, why should they?

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