Quantcast wrong information #1 74k a month searches.

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[I am using Quantcast to see the traffic some of the top authority sites are getting and this keyword gets about 500k a month broad but exact 74k and of course other long tails. So I punch in the URL on QC to get an estimate of this one site that sites #1 for most terms in this niche and also sites #1 for the 74k a month Exact match keyword and QC is data says it is getting 1.6k UV a month even if it’s off by a bit that’s okay its never exact but this is way too off losing trust any better places to track thanks.]

You do realize that search traffic isn’t the same metric as unique visitors, right?

When someone performs a search, they may not always click on a result, they sometimes revise the search or abandon the search without ever clicking anything. And when they do click they have at least 10 organic results to choose from, not to mention up to 11 sponsored results, plus in some cases up to 7 Google map results. Oh… and then there are another potential 8 related listings. All that on just the first page, there are another 99 pages of potential results.

You seemed to be comparing search results to unique visitors, to one particular listing, out of all those above-mentioned possibilities, as if there should be a 1 to 1 relationship. How realistic is that?

Are you sure you are #1? I ask that because it is a common newbie mistake to neglect to disable PWS when checking your ranking.

Who says your description doesn’t suck? Is that your own biased opinion, or did you run a test that compared your description CTR against the other listings on the SERP? It seems you are presenting evidence that your description indeed performs poorly against your competitors. You should keep in mind that this is a competition, if your description doesn’t compel higher CTR than your competitors, then it sucks in comparison to your competitors.

You need to provide more specific details about your keyword to get more precise answers, there are many variables and we can only guess what it is that you are not telling us that makes all the difference.

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