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What you are talking about is a sitewide link. Yes, technically it creates a new link for each and every new page of content that gets created. This is not the same value as you would see from the same number of links from many different websites.

Remember this, Google does not rank your website based on the count of your backlinks. If that website gets lots of backlinks, to each new page that gets created, then it would be very good for you, however, if that website doesn’t get many backlinks then all those links will not amount to much. The total backlink power from 365 different websites will typically amount to much more (100s X) link juice than the link juice you can get from backlinks on a single website, given all other factors are equal.

A single website only has so much link juice to pass, not mater how times your link appears on that website. While many different websites will typically gather link juice from many different backlink sources passing a lot more total link juice.

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