Question about ranking against a BIG website!

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There is plenty we don’t know about how Google works, but there is also plenty we do know. This formula seems to leave out the parts we do know about and includes mostly the most speculative notions of how Google ranks pages.

I would say that about half of the formula is pure nonsense and some of the most well-known factors like PageRank are completely omitted. Frankly, the notion of manual boosts and penalties simply won’t scale to an application like Google. Google doesn’t need to use penalties, manual or automated, to rank SERPs.

Google is focused on returning useful and relevant results for their users. Things like “domain authority” offer no value in achieving that goal. It would only serve to reduce the relevance and usefulness of query results. Google is focused on qualities specific to the individual page, not the domain. You could call this “page authority”. Google has another name for it, they call it PageRank and Trust.

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