Ranked My Businesses Website 1st in One Day. Simple SEO strategy

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I hope you aren’t trying to take credit for something that you did. :confused:

In my opinion, you demonstrated how efficient Google is at finding and indexing websites. This is not anything you should take credit for, it is nearly all Google’s doing, the hat tip should be to Google, IMHO.

Face it, this and $4.00 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. 

I heard you slip in that suggestion that folks could use this to impress local business owners. That is exactly the type of shenanigans that gives this industry a bad reputation. The point being, getting ranked for a keyword that has zero competition, zero search volume, and zero commercial value, isn’t anything more than what nearly every blogger does without even trying.

I didn’t want to give you a scolding, but it just isn’t fair to other members to have this kind of low rent stuff around here for innocent unsuspecting newbies to find and follow as if it were credible. This same kind of useless information has been spread around here for years, and just as it seemed to have finally waned, here it pops up again.

I am sure you must have some truly valuable experiences that you can share with the forum, dig deeper and see if you can dig up something a little more useful, just so this place doesn’t get a bad reputation. 

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