Recommendations for passive income? Adsense or Clickbank?

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[I’m currently already running a successful eCommerce business. I’d like to set up something that I can come home every day and work from 3-8 on. Something that in time will be maintainable from anywhere (and be more passive) instead of having an office, inventory and so on. I’m really not sure where to start as there is so much fog on this forum. I’m an experienced and seasoned internet marketer (more on the organic side), but I still value my time. This is not a post where you tell me how to do things (i already know how), but more so where to pave my road. What do you think is the best option for passive income? Adsense or Clickbank? Is there something I am missing?]

I think you should try both and see which appeals more to you personally. Some people have better success with AdSense while others prefer Clickbank. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of monetization.

If you choose the Clickbank path, I would recommend you develop and market your own digital products. If you are selling someone else’s product as an affiliate marketer you will live and die by your choice of merchants and products.

AdSense is much easier, but you must comply with 100% with program policies. If you are someone that likes to test the edge of what is legal, don’t even think about AdSense you will end up banned from the program. If you are the type of person that likes to color between the lines then AdSense will be great.

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