Sandboxing and SEO

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[I have a site I just launched with the domain matching the phrase we want to be searched. At first, we actually appeared on the first page of Google, but after a few days dropped down to the 2nd page, which was fine, as we had done nothing for SEO. Strangely though, a few days ago, we disappeared completely from the Search Results. I have been told there is some sort of mythical thing Google does call Sandboxing. Does anyone know anything about this, or why else this might have happened? As a side note, we also just listed the site on Google Places the other day. The timing might just be a coincidence, but about 2 days after we posted our listing is when we disappeared.]

“Mythical” is the correct word.

There is no sandbox, it is just a myth. What you experienced is the effect of the well-known search feature that Google calls QDF (Query Deserves Freshness). It is a temporary boost that Google gives to new fresh content to help users find the latest breaking information on certain topics.

After this temporary boost in rankings wears off your page will sink to it’s currently earned ranking. Now it is time to go out and promote the website, get visitors visiting, bookmarking and backlinking the new pages.

YouTube – ‪"Query deserves…

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