Search Term Report – Other search terms?

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[I’m going to cite the comment box on the “Other search terms” in the Keyword Report and then comment on each reason listed. There are actually 2 clicks listed. A significant # of keywords in the report only received 1 or 2 impressions. Unlikely for the majority of impressions. Look, this is my beef with AdWords. If you go to a store and buy a bunch of stuff and look at the receipt and there’s a couple of extra items that are listed as Other and you have no idea why you’re being charged for them, that is crap. Secondly, how am I suppose to optimize the CTR of my campaigns if I can’t see what keywords are triggering my ad? A huge majority I might add (97%) Yes 97% of my impressions are listed as Other. In my view, this is AdWords’ biggest weakness.]

May I suggest:

  • 1 keyword per ad group
  • Separate campaigns for search and display networks
  • Avoid broad match for the search network
  • Center your campaign around exact match keyword lists
  • Use phrase match to discover new terms for your exact match list.

The smaller the list the tighter the focus. The tightest focus is a list of one. This allows for extreme relevance rather than close relevance. You have more granularity and can take optimization to a higher level. Your ads can match the exact keyword, you get finer granularity in your metrics.

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