Setting up an eCommerce Business

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  1. Forming a Corporation – You don’t have to incorporate, it is just much better if you do. You can operate as a sole proprietor, it is riskier, and maybe harder to establish relationships with vendors.
  2. Top Google Listing – No, you do not necessarily need to get top listings in Google. However, you will need a way to get lots of targeted traffic to your web pages, so consider this when researching your niche.
  3. Dropship Suppliers – Look locally first for suppliers. You may be able to establish a better relationship with a local supplier. Try to find suppliers that do not have a large number of relationships with online retailers already established. Avoid middlemen suppliers, try to get as close to the manufacturing source as you can, direct if possible.
  4. Marketplaces – As far as which place to start, I would recommend that you start with eBay or Amazon for your first foray into eCommerce. You will have much to learn and you can take advantage of the ready marketplace that exists in eBay and Amazon. Eventually, you will learn enough to venture into building your own web store, and in the long run, that is where you want to be.

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