Shall I submit different Versions of the same article to the different Article Directories?

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I was hoping to avoid a political discussion, but you ask a fair question.

The entire Internet Marketing Industry is being attacked by the Marxist movement in America right now. Marxists have taken control of 2 of our 3 branches of government and they are one person shy of taking over our Supreme Court, the final branch not under their complete control.

In just two years they have already nationalized 5 of the largest industries in America and now have their sights set on Bloggers and Content Syndication. Their standard modus operandi is to attack and demonize common industry practices, then call for stiff government regulation, followed by a government takeover.

Google’s AdWords program is currently under siege right now buy the Marxist led regulators within the FTC who seem intent on cutting off Google’s primary income vehicle. If they can succeed at this gambit they will claim Google is “too big to fail” and seize control overnight. This has been their pattern so far.

Many Americans are resisting this movement and that seems to be impetuous to shut down Bloggers and take over all major search engines. This should give them the power to control virtually all news and information within the country.

While Find may or may not be a Marxist, he is at the very least serving as a “useful idiot” on behalf of the Marxist movement.

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