so meta keyword and meta description tags and anything meta do not affect ranking right?

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Come on guys, this is really basic stuff that you could easily look up from many credible sources. It all been tested by SEOs a decade or more ago, and repeatedly confirmed by official search engine sources.

First and foremost “Title Tags” are one of the primary signal groups for search engines. It is one of the most important elements of SEO. Of the hundreds of signals used by Google, this is in the top two.

Google’s own published SEO Starter Guide list the title tag as the first element to optimize for SEO.

Bing lists it as the first of the 4 basic elements of SEO.

Moz is on record saying it is the 2nd most important SEO signal.

And there are hundreds of other credible sources, just look it up.

Second, Google has never used the meta keyword tag as a signal for SEO.

Finally, Google does not use the meta description tag as a signal, but they may use it as the text snippet on the SERP. So it does have a secondary impact in some cases as it can affect user CTR which in turn affects rankings. However, you can successfully leave the meta description blank and still do well, as Google will use page text as a snippet when they believe it works better for the search term.

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