Something I learned in Internet Marketing

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I am afraid you may have learned the wrong lesson. Well, half wrong anyway.

You were not wrong about rejecting poorly written articles. And, you were not wrong about emphasizing “research” and “passion” as key ingredients for well-written articles. However, you may have drawn the wrong conclusion from your lessons.

The bottom line is that you tend to get what you pay for. Trying to purchase the cheapest articles, not allowing for research or training writers as experts in your niche, those were mistakes you made.

The lesson you should have learned is that you now know what it takes to produce great content. If you want to transfer that lesson into what you call a “business”, so that you can “treat it like a BUSINESS”, then you need to be able to replicate it and scale it into a size that can be truly competitive with other businesses. Falling back to a “doing it on my own” mindset will limit this to merely a profession, not a business that is treated like a real business, that competes with other real businesses.

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