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[ I am doing all the right SEO and I am writing contents, but still, no traffic and I literally mean no traffic. ]

I suspect that you are looking at Google personalized search result pages and probably do not rank for those search queries when other people search for those terms. 

Have you set up your Google Search Console account yet?

That tool, provided free by Google will help you determine the status of your website on Google, and let you know if there are any issues crawling or indexing your website.

It will also show you which search queries that your web pages are showing up on, the average rank, impressions, and clicks for each search term.

Next, I recommend you implement Google Analytics and link your Search Console to Google Analytics to get the search console data into your Google Analytics reports and begin analyzing how people find your website, and how they behave after they arriving on your website. You will gin a lot of insights from those reports.

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