Submitting a site for reconsideration

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[Do you think that taking out the Adsense ads until it gets approved is the best idea, or should I go ahead and keep them on there? I really want to get this one indexed, as the keyword gets 40,500 EXACT searches per month in the U.S. and the competition is incredibly weak, allowing me to obtain a first-page ranking with EASE. The only problem that’s stopping this, obviously, is that it is not indexed. It is, however, indexed in Yahoo and Bing.]

Hope this was a smart move, but in my eyes, I’m willing to put it to the test to get things rolling so I can get on that first page to take a piece of that traffic, as this site is an easy $15 to $30 per day earner.

I don’t think pulling the AdSense units will make any difference in your request for reconsideration. However, I do think you should pull the ad units until you resolve the issue that is preventing your pages from being indexed.

I would suggest that you have someone else, with a lot of experience, take a look at your website. There must be something about your website that is preventing it from being indexed.

There are 2 different types of de-listing. One is algorithmic, the other is manual de-listing. A reconsideration request only works if it was a manual de-listing. If it is algorithmic, it will recheck automatically after a specified period of time and re-index if the violation has been corrected.

There must be something you are missing if you are still being denied for a manual de-listing. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can see what you are missing.

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