The best tool for ad management?

The tools you use for ad management vary based on the Ad network you select. In most cases, the ad network you select will provide the tools that you use for ad management and generally speaking the ad network themselves will supply the best tools for use within that ad network.

There are, of course, many tools that you can be used that are independent of the ad network. For example, you can use Google Analytics to gather marketing data from whatever website that you might be promoting with your ad campaigns. Photoshop can be used for creating graphics for use in image ads, Google Web Designer can be used for HTML5 ads, custom landing page builders like Instapage and Unbounce can be used for ad Landers, there are bid management tools for SEM, budget management tools for SMM, and too many others to mention in a single post. 

First, you need to pick an ad network, take a look at the tools provided by that network, and then let us know what you need beyond those built-in tools and I’m sure you will get plenty of specific recommendations. However, until you have selected the ad network, most recommendations will be irrelevant to your actual needs.

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