The PR value of signature links.

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[I have had my blogs’ links in my WF signature since I joined the forum in Nov ’10. One of them became PR1 from PR0 in the Feb ’11 PR update. Now, I was wondering whether removing the links from my sig. could possibly bring it back to PR0. I had another subdomain as PR1 since Jan ’10, and have linked to the www subdomain from there, apart from 100s of comment-links. Have any of you noticed a change in PR (not traffic) after adding or removing certain links from the sig?]

PR isn’t the best metric for advertisers. I do plenty of advertising and I don’t give one hoot about PR. It’s traffic that interests me.

I suggest that you use a third-party verification service like Quantcast. You can supply traffic demographics from a trusted third party to your prospective advertisers.

I haven’t noticed ever mentioning PR on their page about how to price ad space, have you?

Naturally, there are less sophisticated ad buyers who “think” PR is important, there is no point in trying to argue with them. I let them have all the PR and I take all the traffic. But that’s just me, some advertisers aren’t interested in traffic so it leaves more for me. 

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