Title Management Software?

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[I am looking for software that will help me manage all my titles on a domain. Ideally, a program that can crawl my website and let me see what is going on. I’ve Been looking around on Google for a while but so far all I’m finding are basic tools that are honestly quite pathetic.]

The very popular Xenu Link Sleuth does exactly that. It was designed to crawl every page of your website and locate all links then test those links to see if they are working. This not only gives you a report of every URL on your website, along with page titles, but it also verifies whether the URLs are working or broken.

Find broken links on your site with Xenu’s Link Sleuth (TM)

It sounds like exporting the Xenu Link Sleuth report to a spreadsheet will work. You could customize an Excel spreadsheet to do exactly what you asked.

Sure, you would need to use two separate programs, one to grab the data the other to manage the data, but this gives you the most flexibility. If you want to integrate the two, a simple macro script should get the job done.

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