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Yep, aware of it, It’s their patent on affiliated database documents. It has to do with its author affiliation and reputation. It is a method of linking documents together that are created by the same author and using the author’s reputation as part of the ranking score. Google has been talking publicly about this goal for several years.

The funny thing is that it does the opposite of what the SEO Hosting businesses try to perpetuate. Read the document carefully and you will note that the technique described boosts the ranking of affiliated documents. The whole concept of hiding affiliation has the opposite effect intended by the diversified IP address notion.

If you want to rank better in SERPs you need affiliations, the more the better. The bottom line is that linked documents are already affiliated. That patent describes how they can use traffic between linked documents, as well as IP addresses to improve the ranking of documents from authors with good reputations. Thanks for pointing out the patent that describes that technology.

If you do a little searching around the web it won’t take you long to understand that cross-linked networks that are affiliated tend to rank better than web pages that are not. The number of rankings boosts depends on the link juice of the documents affiliated, they are passing that link juice in the form of trust. This is not a new concept, Google filed for that patent a long time ago, and the final patent

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