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People looking to purchase a bike usually start with Google search, so you can use AdWords to get lots of highly targeted traffic.

Your website is not set up to get conversions before you begin advertising consider fixing this. Your product images are too small, you do not show prices, and your affiliate links seem to look identical to non-clickable content headings.

How are people supposed to know that there are actually links that can be clicked?

You need to make your clickable links stand out. Try using the standard underlined blue text color for links, so that your users know where they can click. Another option would be to replace your barely detectable links with a nice colorful Call-To-Action button.

Also, instead of just focusing on a single product in your reviews you should be comparing similar products and providing detailed product comparisons to add more value to users. Also, consider recommending a specific product for each use case, don’t leave your users guessing, tell them which bike to purchase, then watch your conversions soar.

When you have your website ready for marketing, setup Google Analytics so that you can track and measure what is working and adapt to what your users want.

Since your website is all about product reviews make sure that you are targeting keywords that contain the terms “review”, “recommendations”, “advice”, etc. so that you can get the right audience for your landing pages. Consider adding remarketing/retargeting tags to get people coming back.

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