Using Bio Boxes Properly

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Yes, link juice is divided among the outgoing links, so if you create two links you are dividing the available link juice. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

You should consider that link juice is likely to be divided already by all of the outbound links present on the page where your article is posted. If there are 7 other outbound links on the page and you place a single link in your bio you will garner 12.5% of the available link juice. If you place 3 links in your bio each of your links are reduced to only 10% of available link juice, however, collectively you have garnered 30% of the available link juice.

Keep in mind that acquiring link juice should not be your only concern. Link juice on its own does nothing to help you, it must be channeled through relevant anchor text, or other relevancy influencing elements before you will benefit in SERP rankings.

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