What am I doing wrong…

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Based on your post I believe you are going down the wrong path. Your strategy did not even mention the most essential ingredient needed for a successful content marketing campaign.

By the way, your marketing plan isn’t truly SEO, it is more technically accurate to call it what it is, which is content marketing, and SEO is, “hopefully” a technique applied to that content.

Your only mention of “content” is in number 5 “I put unique content.” What does that even mean? Uniqueness isn’t a ranking factor.

Search engines want to rank content that is both useful and needed. First and foremost it must be relevant, secondly, it ranks better if it is useful, and finally, it ranks even higher if the essence of that content is needed. Content that is not unique is content that isn’t really needed, since it is already available on the web, right?

Many people think that by simply rearranging words and sentences, or replacing words with synonyms is all it takes to make unique content, and they are wrong. Regurgitated information that already exists in abundance on the web isn’t really unique content in the truest sense that is meant when Google and others use that expression.

So ask yourself, is my content truly needed, useful and relevant? If it already exists in some form or fashion on the web then it isn’t truly unique, nor needed, and it isn’t going to be easy to rank.

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