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[Bit stuck here. I’ve got the homepage of an eCommerce site I am doing SEO to go up in ranking, and I’ve got one of the category pages to go right up also. But there is one more category I have been working on too (for over a month now) and it just will not show up in Google at all. It is indexed, but I have hunted through the first few hundred results and can’t find it for that keyword. I have done on-site and then built a load of tiered links, as well as some manual blog comments. Isn’t this a bit odd? What can I do? I am still building links but it just seems so weird that it won’t budge for a fairly non-competitive keyword (this is google.ie too) when I got the homepage to jump from #3 to #1 using the same tactics on a more competitive keyword. One weird point to note is that when I first got the work I used cute rank and it said they ranked #53 for this keyword. But when I looked I noticed #53 was a similar but different category page, it obviously just showed up as the only results in cute rank. But now that isn’t in the top few hundred either and hasn’t been for weeks. And I’ve not been linking to that one. Weird! How would you guys move forward with this and try to get the category to rank? It just seems like there’s a missing piece to the puzzle.]

Where are you ranked using the allinanchor: keyword operator? (Replace keyword with your targeted keyword)

If your allinanchor: position is higher than your standard search ranking then you need to improve your on-page SEO.

If your allinanchor: position is lower than your competitors’ then your competitors are doing a better job of promoting their web pages. In this case, you need to do more promotion of your web page using meritorious link building.

It sounds as if you have substantial competition for this particular keyword. Take a look at the backlinks for the pages listed in the top 20 positions of the allinanchor: results. If they all have stronger backlink profiles than your page then you need to seriously step up your promotional efforts, or move on to other keywords.

Here are a few stats for your your keyword competition:

intitle:cutlery about 1,390,000 results
inurl:cutlery about 1,080,000 results
intext:cutlery about 241,000,000 results
inanchor:cutlery about 23,600,000 results

Local Monthly Searches 8,100
Average Estimated CPC $0.93 – $1.14

Top ranked web page: www. cutleryandmore.com
Inlinks (12,811)
Internal links using targeted keyword About 8,640

10th ranked web page: www. chicagocutlery.com
Inlinks (503)
Internal links using targeted keyword About 107

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