What happened to my website rank?

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[I found that there is a huge jump in my website rank.
I have been learning SEO for a long time, and now I try to rank a new site with the high-profit keyword. since I am on a business trip now, I do not have any time to monitor my rank. yesterday I check my rank is page 18, but today I check my rank is page 2 second, I am a little confused, did I miss something.]

You make a good point, yet please allow me to clarify just a bit. Google uses personalization even when you are signed out. You must completely disable Personalized Web Search if you want to see your true ranking.

There several ways to do this. If you are using the Chrome browser then you can press Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard to launch a new incognito window. Perform your search using that incognito browser window to view search results with personalization disabled.

Another method that works with all browsers is to simply append the following string to your search URL, after performing your keyword search, to get search results with personalization turned off: &pws=0

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